S A S H A   B R O O K E

Sasha has had a lifelong passion for dogs and began learning how to target and clicker train her Rottweiler as a hobby at age 17,she was also introduced to The Tellington Touch (TTouch) massage technique around this time and this led on to a keen interest in alternative methods for conditioning and care of the Canine.

She went onto look for a more advanced level

of training and found out about Schutzhund did her first trials in IPO (Internationale Prüfungs-Ordnung. IPO is a three part sport which includes Tracking, Obedience and Protection phases) she did this with her American Bulldog.

Colonel Cain

You are dearly missed and forever in our hearts ,you were the greatest friend I could have asked for.

After retiring Cain the American Bulldog, she did trials with her German Shepherd Myia both of which were trained after joining a dogsport club and learning from protection dog and sports trainer Alan Wood, she has spent years training with the best in the business from America, Europe and the UK and has been on many seminars to further her knowledge and even frequented Belgium just to gain deeper insight in teaching a dog how to track.

Whilst training for IPO she felt that her dogs would benefit from another form of athletic training which enabled her dogs to stay in peak condition, this ensured they performed their best in all weathers and exercises, she attended athletics events and learned about dog health ,anatomy and equipment to aid the physical condition of dogs and even developed a range of supplements .

Sasha has trained dogs for films and TV, been featured in international books and magazines and is noted for her promotion of modern athleticism and healthy care of bully breeds.


Vomhausnye Yozzie

Sasha has aided people in getting their dogs healthy for dogsports especially the A.D title and has offered different techniques for building muscle and stamina. She also bred her first litter of German Shepherd Dogs in 2015 under the Kennel name Wolfherzen which brands the company today. These puppies went on to be personal protection dogs, sports dogs, working in the security sector and even appearing in films and TV.


With over 10 years of quality hands on experience she now offers her expertise for you to utilise in making your dog the best they can be. 

Currently active : Sasha has a young Dobermann -Ammo which is in prep for IGP (Internationale Gebrauchshund Pruefung previously known as IPO) and is also training for film work.

Enzo our homebred boy, personal protection dog and working on some projects yet to be released.


Wolfherzen Adalwolf

Ammo Von Fandangos Heritage

Wolfherzen Adalberht 

Wolfherzen Adalberht (AGRO) in the Marvel film Black Widow


Owned by : The Dobernut